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Water or mud? Which one is the most dangerous?

Water or mud? Which one is the most dangerous?

How many times have you heard "It's better not to wash motorcycles" or "Water is more dangerous than dust"?

These phrases suggest that for our beloved bikes water is a very dangerous enemy, in part it is true and for this reason we want to explain how to behave in order not to have problems. Always remember that dust, mud and sand are very dangerous as well. The sand penetrates everywhere and consumes every mechanical part, many types of soil contain oxidizing agents that can stain every part of the bike.

It does not matter if your bike has an aluminum or iron frame, each bike has both metals as well as many other alloys so washing must always be done with the same care:

1- Moderate water pressure, too high pressure damages the most delicate parts without considering that it could penetrate into bearings and seals, ruining them and bringing sand residues inside.

2- Do not overdo it with water, the more water is used the more water and dust penetrate into bearings and seals.

3- Always wash safely with a cap suitable for the silencer, a cap to replace the air filter and if you have a skid plate it is good to remove it in order to eliminate the mud that remains trapped between the protection and the engine

4- Washing should always be done away from the sunlight, especially in summer, avoiding that any chemical substance used can dry before being rinsed

5- Always use specific products, for example our Dirt remover has a less alkaline pH than the others chemicals which makes it 100% safe even on delicate metals, it contains an additive that reduces the hardness of the water therefore ensures a washing without final stains and is specifically formulated to remove grease and mud. You can use a soft sponge to remove the most stubborn halos

6- After rinsing it is necessary to dry the motorcycle with compressed air and protect it from the residual humidity of the washing and from the humidity of the air. At this stage it is advisable to use our Aftershine which penetrates the bearings to bring out the humidity extending their life, leaves a shiny effect but does not grease the bike and does not create problems in riding. In addition, less mud will stick to the bike and will also protect it from the water of the next wash which will be much easier and faster helping you to use less water respecting points 1 and 2.

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