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Ceramic shampoo is the shampoo based on ceramic ions. It allows a quick washing guaranteeing a cleaning never seen before. The ceramic ions are activated by the light and after a few hours from washing they will give an incredible brilliance.


Depending on the dirt, pour from 250 to 400 ml of Ceramic shampoo into the foamer containing 1400 ml of water. Pressurize the foamer through the pump until the pressure almost prevents the pump from moving. spray on the previously wet car. To maintain the pressure it is possible to operate the pump and spray Ceramic shampoo at the same time. Rub the whole car with a soft sponge or soft brush and rinse thoroughly. It is advisable to prepare a bucket with 3-4 liters of water and two caps of Ceramic shampoo, whisk with the lance of the pressure washer and use to rinse the sponge or brush during washing. If the rims have been decontaminated with Iron catcher you can also wipe the rims without fear of scratching them. Once washing is finished, it is recommended to dry the car thoroughly and apply Ceramic Wax to protect and achieve maximum shine.

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