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The rust remover has been formulated to make all 2 and 4 stroke exhaust shine like new. By eliminating all traces of oxidation and rust, every exhaust returns like new. It can also be used to remove oxidation and rust from any metal.

Rust doesn't scare anymore!

Rust doesn't scare anymore!

200ml 11,00 €


To obtain the best result, apply a small amount of product on the surface to be treated. If The rust remover begins to dissolve the oxidized layer, simply massage the surface using gloves. In case of stronger rust, you can help yourself with a sponge or make more applications. It is also possible to soak pins, bolts and plates to make The rust remover work better and remove residues with a sponge.
After application, remove the residues with paper and spread some blending oil on the 2T exhaust. Otherwise is enough to protect with The aftershine.

WHY "The rust remover"?

It is a product that remedies many difficult situations. Although you can be very careful to protect the bike from humidity, the muffler will sooner or later oxidize and tend to brown. The rust remover solves the problem without aggressive actions. It also helps in restorations by eliminating rust and oxidation even from footboards, frame, pins and any other metal part.

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